Variable Guided Practice Method

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Dr. Daniel Kobialka, President of LiSem Enterprises Inc., founded LiSem in 1981.  His career began at the age of thirteen when he debuted in Carnegie Hall in New  York and has taken him on a fantastic musical journey from Soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra to Concert Master for Leonard Bernstein’s Mass to his position as Principal Second Violinist for the San Francisco Symphony. These extraordinary experiences provided him the incentive to found his own record company to freely pursue his own interpretations of the classics, folk, jazz and new age, as well as to pursue his interest in avant-garde music.  Currently, Daniel has 29 albums to his credit.

Now retired Daniel continues to pursue musical challenges by serving as Concert Master for Kerrville Texas’s Symphony of the Hills and teaching privately and at Shriner College in Kerrville Texas and The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. He also coaches young musicians and conducts Master Classes.

Looking to combine his passions of composing, producing, and education, Daniel has brought the same creativity of his personal career forth in hopes of inspiring the next generation of string players.  Releasing the Kobialka String Library and Variable Guided Practice method Lisem Enterprises will maintain the same high level of quality and innovation Daniel’s work has been known for in totally new domains.  As Artistic Director, he oversees activities in Lisem’s Wonder Of Sound recording studio including recording, mixing, mastering, and producing albums available on the website as well as through distributers including MVD Entertainment Group and retailers including I-Tunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Google. Daniel holds a doctorate in Musical Arts from Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

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